Thursday, 14 December 2006


i haven't seen Ed all week.
Holly won't talk about it, i don't know if he's even still on the base.
number six has left the village. amber alert. heh.

someone from corp. hq was round yesterday asking questions. asking to see the synth. samples we've been working on. Pete and Sally sent him on his way. he wouldn't give a name, though. i don't know. had me spooked. Holly won't say anything. she's just working.

which brings me to the work. it's been an exciting week, really. ever since the BEF test Ed ran last week was successful, well... Holly used to tell me how it was at the beginning, just a handful of them, flying by the seats of their pants, and that's how it feels to us now. we've gone from shooting in the dark to... well, flying. we're about half-way to mapping all the key-points on the response graph we drew up at the beginning - which means we're well within sight of a functional (if basic) synthetic trope within the month. which is pretty huge news. maybe even a launch within the year.

i just wish this good news wasn't so balanced with the worry.


Bri said...

Have you seen Holly? Ed's worried about her and looking for her.

Unknown said...