Wednesday, 17 January 2007

...and we're back

Well, it's been an odd holiday, and no mistake.

I'm assuming that anyone who still reads this knows the story. The important thing is that we're safe. Alex, Sally, Pete and I. Somewhere they can't find us. We've made some enemies, but we also seem to have made alot of new friends. Those of you who helped us get out of the Village, thank you. We owe you more than you can know.

We've spent a while thinking, talking about this, and we've come to a decision. It's not over. U-Media are lying to us, and they are using Ed's research, our research for something else. Something wrong. We can't let this rest.

Whatever Ed found out, it was enough to make him want to throw away the life he had built and run. It was enough to get him killed. Which means it's something the public should know about.

Most of all, they murdered two dear friends of ours, and we want to see them brought to justice. We want to know who did this, and why, and we want them brought low.

So, once again, we're asking for help. We had some allies through a difficult time, but that was just the beginning. We need to know what, who and why, so that we can bring these people down.

If they are the pleasant face of U-Media, then we will expose their Sour Heart.

Honesty is the key.